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  • Bobby Vaughn Jr.I am an investigative journalist who began my active work in my home town, Metropolis, Illinois epxposing nuclear corruption. Since then, I have expanded to also investigate high-level corruption, science & technology ethics and the unknown. Nothing surprises me anymore, but I do believe that thorough research and reporting is needed in order to bring justice where it is seriously lacking. I am very happily married to Kimberlee Schultz, who originally interviewed me to help get the truth our regarding the Honeywell uranium conversion facility corruption in Metropolis, Illinois. We have a podcast, A Call to Actions, where we discuss all the above topics. Search iTunes, iHeartRADIO, Spotify, etc. for A Call to Actions.
  • Mark CraycraftAfter a long career in training and education, Mr. Craycraft spends his "new normal" maintaining his passion to inform. He loves to find creative ways to help people learn and stay up to date.